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Chain Trainer: Advanced

The Chain Trainer: Advanced is for strength trainers who want ultimate range of motion and exceptional variety in their workouts.

Looking to stay fit at home and on the go? We've got you. More functional and affordable than other suspention trainers, Chain Trainer gives you all the workout options you need without breaking the bank. Chain Trainer: Advanced is the best choice for those who want the option of working out at home, outdoors, or while traveling. Having two anchor points opens up an extended list of excerises such as pull ups, dips, flys, inverted shrugs, and more!

Chain Trainer: Advanced will test experienced body builders through familiar excercises with the added challenge of suspension stabization. Our patented chain straps allow you to adjust handle height quickly and without the hassel of fiddling with a strap or cambuckles. Just clip on our rock climbing-grade caribiners and get on with your workout.

Hate that feeling of suspension straps rubbing against your arm during workouts? We solved that too. Our ergonomic handles are designed to keep seams and stitching away from contact areas, giving you a suspension workout without the irritating scratches on your wrists and arms.

Chain Trainer is the ultimate workout solution and a great option for people on the go. Easy to set up in your home, a hotel room, a gym, or even a playground. A lightweight drawstring bag is included for easy pack and carry.

Chain Trainer: Advanced

  • Chain Trainer: Advanced includes:

    2 Nylon Chain Straps

    2 Ergonomic Handles with Carabiners

    2 Ceiling Anchors

    1 Door Anchor

    1 Mesh Drawstring Travel Bag

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