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Chain Trainer: Deluxe

Chain Trainer: Deluxe includes everything you need replace the gym. Heavy duty nylon chain straps? Check. Ergonomic handles? Check. Accessories for added variety? Check. Not just one, but two ceiling anchors? Check.

Two anchor points unlocks additional challenging exercises such as pull ups, dips, flys, inverted shrugs, and more. These familar exercises will come with the added challenge of stabilizing against the straps providing you with a fresh and challenging workout.

In addition, the Deluxe kit comes with four of our grip accessories. With different kinds of handles to better target different muscle groups, you will find even more ways to train. Includes: olympic rings, ball grips, nunchuck grips, and rope grips. Chain Trainer: Deluxe pushes the boundaries of what it means to have ultimate fitness freedom.

Chain Trainer: Deluxe

  • Chain Trainer: Deluxe includes:

    2 Nylon Chain Straps

    2 Ergonomic Handles with Carabiners

    2 Ceiling Anchors

    2 Olympic Rings

    2 Rope Grips

    2 Ball Grips

    2 Nunchuck Grips

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