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Chain Trainer: Intermediate

A popular option for people setting up a home workout station with the included ceiling anchor mount. Chain Trainer: Intermediate includes our trademark chain straps and handles for the durability and functoinality Chain Trainer is known for.


Also included is a door anchor and ceiling anchor mount. The ceiling anchor allows you to mount your Chain Trainer overhead for even more challenging and functional workouts. The ceiling anchor boasts a low profile in a matte gray color. When you've finished your workout you can unclip the straps from the ceiling anchor and store your Chain Trainer until your next workout.


Our patented chain straps can also be hung from a closed door for lower weight bearing workouts or easily packed and taken with you as you travel.


Chain Trainer delivers ultimate fitness freedom!

Chain Trainer: Intermediate

  • Chain Trainer: Intermediate includes:

    2 Nylon Chain Straps

    2 Ergonomic Handles with Caribiners

    1 Door Anchor

    1 Ceiling Anchor

    1 Mesh Drawstring Travel Bag

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